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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some of my stuff

I thought I'd kick off the site with a BANG and post a couple of my more recent images already online.  I'm going to try and scan in one set of sketches a day at least, so that people can see that I'm working and posting and stuff.  There'll be a lot of school work on here too, and hopefully some of my own stuff. But yes anyways onto the work.

Good Impressions
Watercolor on Bristol, 2"x2"
 2 1/2 hours

 First Chances
Watercolor on Bristol, 2"x2"
2 1/2 hours
These two were pieces I painted for the Minumental Exhibition at New Hampshire Institute of Art, which is where I go to school.  It's a student, faculty and alumni show where all submitted work must be 2"x2"x2".  It's a lot of fun and some really beautiful work comes out of it. 

Intous 4 Tablet and Gimp 2 Program
45 minutes
This was a test for my brandy new Intous 4 Tablet I got this summer.  It was only a doodle but I like it enough so there you go.

Iayla Eclipsed
Intous 4 Tablet and Photoshop CS4
3 hours
This piece I did this semester in the digital labs.  Mostly for myself but I also used it in a failed revamp of a site I used to run.

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