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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Digital Illustration work.

OK so I know I promised I'd have the value studies from my avenues project up with these, but I haven't had a chance to scan them and this is something I can do from this one little computer.  Plus the files seem to be corrupted on my flash drive.  Lame right?  But anyways here's the finals for all my digital projects this semester.
This was my first assignment this semester, a celebrity portrait.  I chose Blake Lively from Gossip Girl.  Mostly because she's pretty. =D

It was followed by an assignment called Animal Collectives, where we were supposed to illustrate the term for a group of animals.  Like a pod of whales or a pride of lions, only ours were more obscure.  Such as a Harem of Seals or my choice, a Quiver of Cobras.

The last project we just finished was a Theatrical poster assignment, and I got to do my favorite play of ALL TIME, Bare: a Pop Opera.  I won't go into detail about the plotline and stuff, but if this poster makes you interested go google it, its pretty much the shit.   My favorite part is that I put all the people I would want to play each character from my list of favorite actors and actresses.  If all these people did this play I would probably die, just saying. lol.

Next Time: Avenues Character Design Value Studies and Final Illustration, Ceramics Doodles, and thumbnails for the Avenues Final: Birds with Human Souls.  Also I should be finishing up the Forums and putting up the first Artist of the Month and the first Writing Challenge.  Stay tuned everyone!

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