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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Dragon Mantles

One of my three ideas for novels (yes I have three fairly coherent ideas just ready and waiting for me to kick them out of my brain and onto the page) involves a very complex underworld to our own.  A world of magic and elves and mermaids and werewolves and Gods and yes, you guessed it, dragons.  It wouldn't be a world created by Patrick Harrison if it didn't involve dragons some how.  Now the world itself is like I said, very complex, but one of the parts of this world is the Dragon Mantles.  The Mantles are seven incredibly strong powers that "settle" onto a specific individual in a generation (aka they reincarnate).  They give the bearer the ability to control a specific power and turn into a completely kick ass dragon form.  They provide long life for the short lived mortals and unfortunately give a time limit for the immortal species.  They cure Lycanthropy and Vampirism and are just over all really bad ass.  xD

So the other day I decided I wanted to sketch a few of them.  I got through two before I had to move onto another project but I thought I'd start by sharing them with you guys.

Above is Jordan Alo-quilande, the Dragon of Brass.  He was a human before the mantle settled on him, and believes that Dragon Mantles grant immortality and that the Vice that each Mantle brings with it (based off the Seven Deadly Sins) is what causes the Dragons to pass on.  The Brass Mantle has the power of Healing and the Vice of Pride.  You can see my notes on the Dragon colors and you'll notice I'm down one color.  I want it to be metallic, but not look like the other colors.  I'm thinking I might go with Electrum.

This is Chialka, the Dragon of Silver.  She was an Elf before the mantle settled on her and is ultimately bitter with her lot.  The Silver dragons power is Camouflage (she can change her appearance at will) and her Vice is Anger.

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