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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Gods of Sundast

My first and most prominent and completed world is that of Sundast.  A world where magic is outlawed and the Gods that used to govern their lands have been outcast by the very people who used to love them.  In order to have a better idea of the story I want to tell in these worlds, I often create many things that will never make it completely into the story, but help flesh out the world itself and make it more believable.  So here are some remakes (I've probably drawn the Gods of Sundast a good five or six times now) of the Gods and Goddesses of Sundast.

These are the Five Great Gods of Sundast.  They were here at the beginning and will be here long after the End.  They are that which makes humans human and life worth living.

These are the five Elemental Gods.  Created by all the Great Gods but concieved by Movek, they represent the five natural Elements found in the Sundast Universe: Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Wild.  They are also the Deities responsible for the creation and survival of the Elementals, an elite race of people with the power to control the Elements.  Alden's my favorite cuz he's the Lover of Movek, God of Humanity. xD

This is the most recent addition to the Sundatian Pantheon.  The One was once a Daughter of Talichiri (NOT Telperion, that's one of the two Tree's of Light from Lord of the Rings. haha.  I couldn't remember the name I'd made up when I was writing this and that sounded right.  My bad)  But when she created demons and darkness the Great Gods cast her out into the Realm she had created.  As such her power corrupted her and she became the Goddess of Revenge.  She is the major villain for the story I'm writing, in which it opens and she has cast out her Heavenly family and taken up residence as the supreme Deity of Sundast.

Next up on the upload list, Scenes from the story.

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