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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scenes from Sundast

So the story I'm working on (This is my plan for my senior Project next year so that's why I have so much stuff on this world of late, trying to get a head start.) is about a boy, Cienn lun'Orater, who is gay and a Medium (someone who has Mind magic, telekinisis, telepathy, stuff like that) and once his powers and sexuality is found out he has to run away from all that he's known and join the Magical Resistance that is gaining strength on the edges of Sundast's vast borders.  It's got lots of twists and turns in it and I hope ultimately that it'll be good, but until then I thought I'd work on cementing the imagery. So here we have a couple of sketches of scenes (and one little character design) from the storyline.  The two scenes are of Cienn and his love interest Kourkain Admontann, the Rebel Leader and a Shield Mage. So yeah.
This is when Cienn and Kain (Kourkain's nickname, it would get annoying to have to type his full name ALL the time) find the Temple of Prophecy and learn about Cienn's fate.  It's towards the end of the first novel (yes this is a two book idea).  Cienn is the shorter dark haired boy and Kain is the taller one.

 This is one of my favorite scenes in the story so far.  After Cienn meets up with his guard detail (of which Kain is part) they wind up at a small Sundastian village overlooked by the Crown, so the people there still celebrate all the illegal old holidays.  At the festival Cienn and Kain share a moment under some lanterns on the bridge which sets up the mood for the rest of the love story.  When I got my last assignment for my Illustration: Avenues class (a character design) this was one of my ideas that snowballed into something unusable for the assignment but still good.

This is Imagehi Quontinn, Water Elemental Adept and Second in Command of the Rebel forces.  I thought of doing her for my character design but I've since decided against it.  I liked this sketch though.

Next and last update for today: The start of my character design process.

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