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Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer time woes

So summer is over and I've begun my Senior year, and I didn't post ANY art like I said I wanted to. While I still don't have my Series finals in an up-loadable format at the moment, I thought I'd at least post some of the doodles and scribbles I have on my computer to at least help stem the tide of my massive updating.

I was working as a housekeeper at an inn back home this summer, and we had to leave these envelopes for tips in the rooms with out name on them.  Me being the artistic person that I am tried to make them a little bit more fun.  My bosses apparently didn't like them though so I had to phase them out and leave just plain old boring ones with my name on them.  But I took pictures of the best ones.  I thought they were super cute. Here they are:

Then of course there were some random doodles on slips of paper:

Then came the day when I had to leave, so I made a little something for each of my coworkers to remember me by:

And short of a map thats 3/4's finished and LOTS of concept work on my characters for my project, there isn't much else to report, at least in the form of finished pieces. But I'll get my sketches scanned and uploaded ASAP, and I HOPE (key word, hope) to be much more forward about this site in the upcoming months.  Keep everything and everyone updated on how my senior project is going.

Till next time my ducks!

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