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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So yeah about those updates...


Leave me alone life is tough these days!  I got a lot on my plate.  Anyways I do have a little something for you guys today.  The lineart for my Illustration Series final.  I'm currently working on the colors for it, and they're almost done.  But I don't want to post them until after I've gotten them printed and presented them to the class.  So yeah there is probably going to be a HUGE art dump at some point in the near future but hey, its what I got so deal. xD

Anyways here's what I got so far:

they're all images from my novel.  None of them are going to be actually written out in the story (or well at least I think they won't) but they are a sort of springboard for the rest of the project.  The idea is that in a war torn world like Sundast, plagued with constant grief and struggle, the moments in between are what matter.  The little happiness one can find and the bonds you make are what keep you going.  Each image represents one of the main or major supporting characters, and represents their closest connection and their most vulnerable and comfortable moments.  Cienn and his sister Cerenae share a piece because they are in the end each others strongest confidants.  Kain has his familiar, the beautiful Aludaria in her permanent aspect as the horse.  And Imagehi, well she has her friends there and that nice big tankard of ale.  There is actually some fairly deep, and a little bit sad, meaning behind that image.  Elementals, which is what Imagehi is (elementals are those who have the ability to manipulate one of the five natural elements fully), are a fairly ostracized group of people.  They're abnormally tall (all at least over 6', with the occasional 5'11" person but rarely smaller than that, usually closer to 6'5" and up) and have pupiless eyes in the color of their element.  So they look a bit frightening.  Imagehi finds comfort in her abnormality with big ham handed brutes who don't care cuz they too, are abnormal.  So thats why most of her non-rebellion friends are barhands and pirates and such.

Anyways enough of my talking. haha. Enjoy everybody!  Stay tuned for more!

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