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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An update on the Forums

So I know its been months since I said the forums would be done, and there have been a slew of out-of-my-control issues that have prevented said forums from being completed.  But I just wanted to make a post saying I'm sorry and that it'll be another couple of months until I can actually get them done.  My computer is currently dead, and I have become swamped with digital assignments which, while easier to complete and FAR more interesting to do most times, has left me with little time to use a computer for my own personal interests.

So the forums will be done someday, hopefully by the end of March but more accurately by the end of the summer, when I'll have time to work on them. Ugh.  But I hope people are still liking my posts.  I'm enjoying building up my online portfolio at least.

I'll have some designs for my business card and a promo card soonish.  And scans of my minumental piece (that didn't sell. :/)  IT'S WIBLY! Trust me, you're gunna LOVE Wibly, he's the cutest little monster you ever did see. xD  I think that's all I've really been working on of late.  Oh! And as soon as I get it back (it's currently mounted on the wall at school.  Yeah I know, I'm impressed. xD) I'll scan my first illustration project, which is going to be the start of my series.  Oh! And scans of my series sketches.  Guess I had more than I thought I did. xD

Until next time my ducks!

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